When I asked Jamie and Marc what their ideal day together would look like, they both described being totally present with each other and exploring New York City, the place they have made their home. There’s something amazing about witnessing the city as it unfolds in front of you, and sharing the experience together. Finding moments of beauty, humanity and humor in this amazing, bustling Metropolis is something unique to each New Yorker’s experience, and part of what makes it such an exciting place to live. Prior to our session, they had recently returned from a trip to China, where Jamie used to live. Going on adventures together near and far is a big part of their relationship now and will be for a long time to come. I was so happy to create photographic reminders of these moments together for them to enjoy in their home each and every day and I’m so excited for their wedding next year in Boston!


Pictured above is the signature Copley Collection mounted on the sleek and modern dibond surface, designed with photographs from Jamie and Marc’s Forever Session.

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